Slalom is the Olympic sport of racing down rapids while navigating through the required gates. Although Cottonwood isn’t located near a challenging stretch of river, our training facility offers paddlers a close location to further develop their slalom skills. The Club also makes trips  to nearby rivers such as the Red Deer near Sundre, the North Saskatchewan near Rocky Mountain House and the Kananaskis to train on more challenging water for interested members.



Polo is the kayak/canoe sport which involves two teams of five facing off to see who scores the most points during two 10 minute periods. Points are scored by throwing the ball in the opponents net 2m above the water. The game begins with a faceoff which includes a member from each team racing to the center of the pitch from their end in hopes of gaining possession of the ball. Polo is a contact sport and although when learning the game it can seem sporadic; tactics and strategies become more important as skills progress. The Club plays polo Friday nights at the Innisfail Aquatic Centre during the winter months.



Freestyle Kayaking involves taking a play boat on the river to play with one of the best features it has to offer, the standing wave. A standing wave occurs when water narrows or flows over and gets slowed by an obstruction (usually a rock). This pushes the water upward to create a wave which can be surfed just like ocean waves that never end! Play boats are smaller than other kayaks allowing for rapid movement of the kayak in any direction allowing kayakers the ability to work on tricks similar to those of other extreme sports including 360’s, flips and whatever else they can think of.


freestyle kayaking.jpg